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Blogger New Templates 2017 Tips and Tricks | Contempo Blogger Theme


Blogger New Templates Contempo, Soho, Emporio, Notable.

Responsive Blogger Templates help to blog elements automatically adjustable with the various user’s devices like laptops, tablets, mobiles, etc, Use responsive themes and build your blog for the latest technology. Subscribe Here to get new Responsive Blogger Templates when publishing.

Contempo Blogger Theme is a Responsive Lifestyle Blogger theme that is a new addition to Blogger’s official theme library. Which means this blogger theme is not from a third-party developer, it is created by developers at If you love to write about adventures, stories or personal blogs then this new blogger theme is perfect for you. Now in this article, we will tell you about Contempo Blogger Theme, How to use, how to customize and etc.

Contempo Blogger Theme - New Responsive Lifestyle Template

Features of Contempo Blogger Theme are Bellow:

  1. Responsive Design: Contempo provides a seamless user interface with a responsive design. It allows users from different platforms to effortlessly access your site no matter what operating system they’re using.
  2. Full Width Design: This theme comes with full-width design, if you’re a fan of big fonts, big images and big everything else this theme is a perfect choice.
  3. Posts Thumbnails: Different to other themes at, Contempo automatically generates featured image or post thumbnail. Which you might have never seen in the previous available templates on
  4. Sticky Header: A Sticky header that sticks to the top of your screen when you scroll, did you ever thought Blogger’s official themes would have a feature like this? Well, this theme provides exactly this.
  5. Sticky Sidebar: One of the key feature of this theme is Sticky sidebar that consists of regular widgets such as labels, achieve, about the author or you can also add more gadgets from the layout area.
  6. 5 Layout Skins: Contempo comes with 5 different layouts, each having different color schemes so you can choose from light to dark themes as per your need or requirements.
  7. New Commenting Form: A new stylish and much clean commenting form is been introduced by Google and in this new theme, you can check the demo for more.
  8. A lot more: There are a lot of more features that this theme offers. You can customize this theme using the built-in customize option provided by blogger, and much more.
Contempo Blogger Theme
Contempo Blogger Theme

Does Blogger Forum will Provide Support for Contempo Theme?

Since, Contempo is provided developed by engineers at so at Blogger forum they’ll be providing support if you find any bug or error in Contempo or send feedback within blogger.

Where to Download Contempo Blogger Theme?

There is no need to download this theme because it is already present in your Blogger dashboard. To install Contempo in your blogger blog, go to Theme >> Contempo >> Apply to Blog, if you need changes in themes found in customize. 

 Let us know by Comments what feature you liked the most, If we missed any feature let us know in the comment below.

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